About us

Olos group was born in 2009 with the aim of contributing to the creation and the development of organizations through innovative projects. It develops sustainable and innovative management models and deals with management and human resources. Olos realizes and implements the management of development, the innovation and investment projects, coordinates the implementation within the organizations and follows the funding access.


Olos Group developed applied research and sophisticated analytical techniques that can satisfy the deepest customer needs and build up designed managerial tools that can provide cutting edge services.


Olos group works with a holistic approach. This approach was first mentioned by Jan Christiaan Smuts, he was one of the ONU founders. In his book "Holism and evolution" Smuts proved that “The proprieties of a system cannot be explained solely throught its components”. The holistic approach foresees comprehensive strategies and continued efforts, with clear and quantifiable targets.


The Olos Group aims to satisfy specific needs of private and public organizations: definition of the strategies, analysis of the needs and planning of the actions, development of project and management activities; building of partnership nets; creation of projects; coordination, management and reporting of financial projects; communication and spreading of the results; monitoring and evaluation of the targets with realization and performance indicators.


Olos Group is certificated UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, it consists of capable developers and professional technicians that follow an “holistic-systematic approach”, coherent and integrated, based on global strategies, constant actions, clear and quantifiable targets. Olos Group is on MEPA.