Eu, regional and ministerial funding. Financial contributions. Fundraising. Finance facilities

Olos Group follows the applications for financial, regional, ministerial and EU funding (contributions, finance facilities and fundraising) for enterprises and Public administration. It analysis and follows the submission for the applications. The client is followed step by step. Olos group provides technical assistance for the obtained grants, the communications and the reporting activities.

Informative subscription for funding programs

By subscribing OLOS Daily.EU everyone can be informed about the opportunities, the calls for proposals/tenders from the European Union, the departments and the Regions, which are addressed to: enterprises, public entities, associations, citizens and young people. All the contents are revised and organized to provide for every user a simplified understanding of the issues and the funding opportunities. Olos Daily.EU is on MEPA.
The access to the platform is easy and immediate:


Olos Group supports enterprises and Public administration in the asset management activities. It assists decision makers and realizes reviews aimed to lead the clients in the choice of the right investment plan, for a correct planning and organisation.

Human resources

Olos analyzes the specific needs of enterprises, SMEs and public administration and supports them in the selection of the most appropriate human resources, according to their specific needs.


Learning and training, both deserve a constant central role in life. For this reason Olos Group carries out innovative and personalized trainings in the fields of: communication, management, leadership and Europlanning, for enterprises and Public administration.
Olos punts the individual at the center and ensures, also in group work, a training that can satisfy each individual need, thank to frontal lessons and a learning by doing, interactive approach.

Communication, events

Olos Group realizes communication events in order to enhance the results of enterprises and Public administration. The initiatives and the events seek to develop interaction and international relationships.